Attention, Trust, Recognition, Orientation, Image and much more – a brand represents a core value for a company and offers, as far as used efficiently and with highest diligence, an almost inexhaustible development potential.

Regardless of weather company, product or service brand, YELB is dedicated to develop an individual and ideal brand management approach in association with its customers.


YELB Your Expert to Leverage your Brand


Not enough?

Due to the fact, that brands are firmly connected with the Corporate Identity, the YELB services do by far exceed a classical marketing consulting. Besides the definition of an individual brand identity, the construction of a consistent brand structure and the development of a marketing mix with a strong communication strategy, YELB supports the creation of a corporate vision and organizational structure processes in the form of workshops, coaching and trainings.


Too much?

You simply need support in regard of one or more projects? No problem!

With more than ten years of marketing experience and a deep knowledge of the bike industry YELB supports specific topics as well.


- Development of brand architectures

- Media planning and communication

- Development and management of communication campaigns

- Content and community management in social networks

- Management of sponsoring activities (professional sport…)

- Development and coordination of PR activities 

- Creation of website concepts + Management of website (re-)launch projects  

- Selection, briefing and management of creative agencies 

- Planning and coordination of photo and video projects 

- Support in context of direct sales and direct marketing strategies 

- Elaboration and coordination of product launch scenarios

- Support of trade show and event management

- Development and realization of print products (brochures, catalogs, magazines) 

- Set up and coordination of cooperation projects / partnerships


…and very precise?

Let’s start an individual conversation!




YELB that is me, Daniel Bley, who contracts the bike virus more than 20 years ago and now has gathered more than ten years of marketing experience in leading companies of the bike industry.


With a degree in business economics (University of Cologne) majoring in product management and trade marketing I took up a post in the marketing department of Canyon Bicycles. For eight years I was able to contribute the transformation process from a low-priced mail-order brand to a high end brand with Tour de France stage and World Championship winning products.  


In this period, I have learned, that a brand is much more than a name and a logo. Even the best brand can only be successful, if the brand attitude is deeply embedded within the corporate culture and actively represented by the employees. My understanding of marketing, hence my individual approach is always lead by this fundamental attitude. As a consequence, my consulting service is going beyond typical marketing topics.


After I have left Canyon as Head of Marketing and member of the Leadership Team, I have started working as Director Marketing for NuVinci Cycling, a US American manufacturer of continuously variable and automatic transmission hubs. In this job I have not focused the sportive aspect of cycling but sustainable urban mobility, comfort and the fusion of mechanical components and smart IT solutions.   


Besides my passion for bikes, marketing and corporate processes, there was one dream, that I have always clung to and finally realized in the beginning of 2016. I have started my own business as management consultant to support my clients to achieve their objectives.


My customers no matter which product or industry background they have will profit from my profound marketing knowledge, a wide experience and comprehensive network in the bike market.